Within our school we aim to create a supportive, caring and inspiring learning community. We want each individual who is a member of our school community to grow in self worth and self-esteem. We want them to take full advantage of the wide variety of educational, social and cultural experiences and opportunities offered to them so that they can develop fully and become well rounded individuals.
Together, we take pride in our identity, our heritage and our language and we feel confident that each individual will feel proud to belong to our school, proud of their Welshness and their bilingualism.
We want our pupils to be confident learners who have a strong sense of their ability to succeed and to make a difference in their communities and in our society.
Our main aims therefore are to nurture:
 Independent, enquiring and enterprising learners who can adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world,
 Pride in being Welsh, the Welsh language and heritage, thus developing an understanding and tolerance towards the different cultures of the world,
 Responsible, caring and considerate individuals who can make a positive contribution to their communities – both local and global,
 A culture of success and high expectations so that each individual is fulfilled by his or her educational experience and can realise their potential,
 A community where every individual is appreciated and respected in their own right and can contribute confidently to the full development of our school.