If your son/daughter is absent because of illness, or any other reason, please telephone the office the same morning. 

If your son/daughter has been absent, we do need to know the reason. We ask you to kindly complete both halves of the absence slip which is found at the back of the Llyfr Cyswllt. It is the pupil’s responsibility, on returning to school, to give one half of the slip to his/her Personal Tutor. The other half remains in the Llyfr Cyswllt. 
If your son/daughter has to be absent for a short period due to a medical or dental appointment please fill in the absence slip in the Llyfr Cyswllt in advance so that the Personal Tutor can make a note of the absence. Once again, it is the pupil’s responsibility to inform us. 
If these steps are not adhered to, then it is highly likely that you will receive a call from our electronic attendance support system, Truancy Call. 
It is the school’s decision whether the absence can be authorised. If a pupil does not return the absence slip, then the percentage of unauthorised absences remains high. 
A pupil is absent without authorisation until he/she has returned the absence slip, signed by a parent or guardian. 
The school aims to reduce this figure as much as possible. High attendance is essential if pupils are to reach their potential in school. The school follows Rhondda Cynon Taff's policy of not authorising holidays in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances as noted in the Attendance Policy.
The school participates in the COMPACT Llanhari initiative and sets an attendance target of 95% for every pupil.  
 COMPACT initiatives 
COMPACT unites employers, schools and colleges with other partners such as the Careers Service and Training bodies.
COMPACT's targets aim to encourage all pupils to take personal responsibility for self-organisation and the setting of future targets. By developing a pattern of recording attendance, punctuality and 
details of personal development as part of the COMPACT and the development of their Progress File, each young person will become more aware of the needs of the world of work and will be more prepared to make successful choices in respect of further education, training and employment.