Inclusion, Support and Advice 
An integration policy operates which gives every pupil the chance to follow the National Curriculum. The Subject Leaders ensure that varied and differentiated work plans, teaching materials, learning experiences and methods are varied enough to meet the needs of every pupil.
Individual attention is given to pupils in Welsh, English and Mathematics. At other times, assistants from the Learning Support Department are used to support the subject teacher in the classroom.
Through the Progress File process, every pupil is encouraged to develop an understanding of his/her strengths and those aspects where improvement is needed. We aim to create a climate of success by acknowledging and praising the individual pupil's effort. 
The School Environment 
The school is situated in buildings on a most pleasant site which is kept clean and tidy by the caretakers and cleaners.
Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their environment, and they are urged to take a responsible attitude when using school property and furniture, and to take care of the trees and bushes that are planted on the site.