The school uniform is one way of enabling the pupil to identify himself within a large community. It is a visual way of creating a sense of belonging and pride in being a member of a particular school. The uniform also ensures equality for every child. It is this all important factor that leads the school to maintain a high expectation that all pupils wear the school uniform. 
We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform to school each day. 
Each item of pupils' clothing and property should be clearly marked with their name. Expensive coats should not be worn to school, and leather and denim are not acceptable school uniform. 
In keeping with Authority guidelines, the school has a scheme to assist parents to receive school uniform. Forms are available from the school office for those parents who wish to make an application for assistance. The Authority will decide whether the application is valid. 
Parents should contact the school office if they require a form. The completed form should be sent to The Main Office, Ysgol Llanhari. 
The school is the only supplier of school uniform. 
The following items are compulsory for boys and girls: 
 Black or red school hoodie with school badge 

 School polo shirt
(T shirts are not to be worn under the polo shirt) 

 Plain black shoes
(Trainers are not allowed) 

 Dark coat or jacket.
Girls’ Uniform 
 Plain black knee length skirt, OR  

 Plain black trousers (tight trousers and jeans are not  allowed)
 Black or white socks or black tights 

No make-up or jewellery is allowed apart from one pair of ear studs. 
Boys’ Uniform 

 Black trousers. (tight trousers and jeans are not allowed) 

 Dark grey/black socks. 

 No jewellery is allowed apart from an ear stud.
Physical Education Uniform 
Physical Education uniform can only be bought from the school. Please ensure that your child has the correct games kit for every lesson.
Games kit should be carried in a bag separate from school books. Every pupil is allowed to take a shower following physical education lessons.

 School hockey shirt 
 School Physical Education shirt Shorts. 

 Black tracksuit, plain without a logo (optional) 

 Plain black leggings. 

 Red/black striped knee-high socks for hockey. 

 Pair of suitable footwear for running and games on hard surfaces. 

Pupils must take off all jewellery and watches before participating in all practical activities.
(Pupils place all 
valuables in a box which is locked away until the end of the lesson. Pupils are responsible for collecting their possessions) 

 School rugby shirt 
 School Physical Education shirt 

 Two pairs of black shorts. 

 Red socks/black stripes 

 Rugby/football boots. 

 Pair of suitable footwear for running and games on hard surfaces. (Rugby boots and footwear suitable for running should be brought during inclement weather)