Year 11 pupils and teachers at Ysgol Llanhari have in no uncertain terms, reaped the benefits of hard graft and perseverance this Summer as the GCSE results were announced this week. These are the first results in a new era of examinations and we are delighted that pupils and staff have met the challenge, with the excellent Welsh and English results a highlight of this year’s results. 90% of the pupils attained A*-C grades in either, or both languages. Overall, 93% of the pupils attained A*-C GCSE grades in five or more subjects and 100% achieved the Level 1 Threshold and 17% of the cohort achieved at least 5A*-A grades. A number of this year’s pupils have achieved against the odds and we can applaud a set of very pleasing examination results which saw pupils across the ability range being supported to achieve their goals. Staff and parents are delighted to be able to celebrate with all pupils who have fulfilled their potential and we look forward to welcoming many of them back to the sixth form where they can further build on this firm foundation for their future studies. Congratulations!



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