It’s time to celebrate at Llanhari! We are very pleased with this year’s GCSE results and the pupils and staff have been rewarded for their hard work and perseverance over the past two years. We are delighted that so many pupils have achieved their goals. A notable highlight this year was the fact that 88% of the pupils achieved A*-C grades in either Welsh or English or in both languages. We have also seen an improvement in the number of pupils achieving A*-C in five or more subjects, including Mathematics and a language and 100% of the pupils attained the Level 1 threshold. 100% of pupils succeeded in obtaining a GCSE grade in nine or more subjects. Elan Booth, Joseff Kirkman and Jac Welsh were the highest performers, attaining an array of A* and A grades between them. Staff and parents are delighted to be able to celebrate with all pupils who have fulfilled their potential and we look forward to welcoming many of them back to the sixth form where they can further build on their success. Congratulations!


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