Department Staff:
Subject Leader :
Miss Angharad Morgan
Health and Social Care Keys Stage 4 and 5 teachers: 
Miss Angharad Morgan, Miss Anwen Howells
Year 10
 Term 1: Growth and human development
 Term 2: Development of self-concept
 Term 3: Life changes and sources of support
 Term 1:     Assessment: presenting information A2: Target group increase patterns
 Term 2: Oral assessment - group discussion on factors affecting self-concept
 Term 3: Research assessmentl - Local services and support

Year 11
 Term 1: Individual care requirements
 Term 2: Types of care services and barriers to access
 Term 3: Care principles

Asesiad ymchwil - Effaith camau bywyd ar anghenion gofal unigolion 
Asesiad cyflwyno gwybodaeth A2 - Sectorau Gofal
Asesiad llafar - trafodaeth grwp ar dechnegau hybu egwyddorion gofal

Year 12
 Term 1: Hybu Iechyd da
 Term 2: Hybu gofal o safon a chyfathrebu
 Term 3:
Hawliau a chyfrifoldebau darparwyr ac unigolion

Asesiad ysgrifennu - Pa ffactorau sy'n effeithio ar iechyd?
Asesiad llafar - Cyflwyniad am sgiliau a thechnegau gofal
Asesiad ysgrifennu - Traethawd ar werthuso hawliau a chyfrifoldebau
Year 13
 Term 1: Gofalu am unigolion hyn
 Term 2: Darpariaeth iechyd, gofal cymdeithasol a gwasanaethau plant
 Term 3:   Hawliau ac amddiffyniad i unigolion


 Term 1: Asesiad ysgrifennu - Effaith ffactorau amrywiol ar heneiddio
 Term 2: Aesiad llafar - Cyflwyniad grwp ar wasanaethau
 Term 3: Asesiad mynegi barn am ddeddfau
Key Stage 4: GCSE
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Key Stage 5: A/AS Level
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